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Temporal Imagination: Lucia di Lammermoor at the Teatro Nacional de São Carlos

4 de março de 2023

"Marques gave us a sensational role debut. She started a little tentatively, but as she launched into ‘regnava nel silenzio’ Marques demonstrated that she has all the bel canto tools at her disposal – a voice that turns the corners with ease, a real trill, an easy top, and an implicit understanding of the idiom. As I said of her Adina, the voice has an agreeable fizz of fast vibrato, just like a vinho verde, and she’s a natural actress. Indeed, she fully entered into the spirit of Romero’s staging, acting with a seemingly tentative grasp of sanity into the camera from the car. Marques also floated some ravishing high pianissimo phrases. (...) Tonight must have been an evening of exceptionally high pressure for Marques given the circumstances, but she most definitely rose to the occasion. Without doubt a singer to watch."

por Operatraveller

Days of Pleasure: L’elisir d’amore at the Teatro Nacional de São Carlos

4 de outubro de 2022

"His Adina was Rita Marques. I’ve had the pleasure of seeing Marques sing supporting roles on this stage, but this was my first time hearing her as a lead. Her soprano is feather-light, with a delightful smile in the tone, combined with an agreeable fizz of vibrato that recalls a fine vinho verde. She’s capable of floating some ravishing pianissimi high up in the voice, combined with an agreeably milky-smooth legato. Marques is also a highly engaging stage presence. There was a joyfulness to her Adina that I found so wonderful to watch. Her energy lit up the stage, and she busted some impressive moves dancing with obvious glee. Marques is also an extremely fine musician – her closing number saw her give us some stratospheric embellishments to the line, electrifying the audience who awarded her with a roar of approval, yet everything she did was utterly musical and never gratuitous."

por Operatraveller

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